Thursday, 26 January 2012

Discovering Facebook as a professional resource

Welcome to Blog #2! Over time this blog will definitely show how much I am learning about social media and what an integral tool it is going to be in my future career. Today I created a professional facebook page and used flickr for the very first time. I was able to take the screen shot that you see below and used flickr ( to embed the picture here on my blog. I have had a love hate relationship with facebook up until today but now that I can see its value in the business world, I am definitely leaning a little closer to love. I filled out the information on my professional page highlighting my strengths, abilities and aspirations as if it were a resume that I was sending out to the world. Knowing that Facebook has over 800 million users world wide, it seems only obvious that it is an essential part in the marketing and branding of oneself. By being selective, professional and responsible with my use of social media I will be able to build not only a local presence in my own community but also a global presence as well. I am learning that by incorporating social media into my professional portfolio I will be able to increase people's access to research or causes that I am affiliated with and connect and correspond with colleagues that would have otherwise been anonymous to me. As technology continues to make this world smaller and smaller, tools such as Facebook will enhance my ability to reach people in every corner of the world I will be able to open up the door to endless possilities.

Untitled by ErikaB2012
Untitled, a photo by ErikaB2012 on Flickr.

If you are interested in expanding your professional networking abilities I encourage you to create your own professional page on If you're still on the fence on whether or not Facebook can be good for anything other than "creeping" on people's profiles, check out to read a great "how to" for using Facebook professionally. Also, I'm not the only one who's been clued into the many ways that Facebook can be used in your career. To see how some other students are using Facebook as a professional networking tool, take a look at Marisa's blog at

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